Westview Manor Amenities

At Westview Manor, our residents enjoy a variety of amenities, including:

Exteriror view of Westview Manor entrance

Our spacious rooms are inviting, cheerful, comfortable and personalized by each resident with their own belongings. Every room is kept fresh and clean by our respectful housekeeping staff.

Residence at large table

With our flexible menu, delicious meals, healthy choices and courteous service, meals are more than nourishment. They are a time for socialization, for entertaining visitors, or just for the love of fine dining.

Westview Manor sign

Our well-appointed facility boasts manicured outdoor areas, recreation room, lounge/living room, TVs, beauty salon and much more.

Party favors on table

In addition to the standard daily exercise and programs that invigorate motor skills, we offer activities to stimulate the mind and soothe the soul.